Supported by European Structural Investment Funding (ESIF)


Project: Pongoose Ltd is a Dorset climbing brand and specialist supplier born out of an idea for a new style of clipstick which is the creation of Robin Rendall, a Carpenter from the South Coast of England. Pongoose is a brand that represents quality, fun and inspiration. Their ethos is to support all forms of climbing into an exciting new future with innovative products that do what they say on the tin, and do it well.

In June 2018 Pongoose was awarded innovation funding to support their research and development into new products, a capital and time intensive process for any business, especially one so young. The UK climbing scene is a fast-growth industry for sports enthusiasts and specialist suppliers alike and Pongoose’s unique brand and skilled processes are now seeing them stocked internationally. We’re excited to see the outcome of their current endeavours later this year.

Find out more about Pongoose here.