Business Support

Got an idea for a business?

Sam Howell Ltd are business strategists who have helped AUB students to set up their own business for the last couple of years.

‘Starting my own business was so daunting and scary until I met Sam and his team at AUB. I wouldn’t be where I am this quickly without his and their help.’ Beth Hawker – BA Make Up for Media and Performance

Their support is frank, honest and gives you the insider perspective on the glossy success stories you see in the media.

‘Sam’s positivity and forward thinking has been beyond encouraging and always leaves me in a state of ‘I can do this’ when it seems like there are so many things in opposition. I very highly recommend Sam and his team to anyone considering starting their own business.Kelly Morgan – MA Fine Art

These are drop in sessions with plenty of opportunity for questions and discussion. If you wish to attend please book on Session 2 here:Book onto Sam Howell Session 2.  For all other sessions book on via AUB Creative Futures tile in eVision via MyAUB. If for some reason you are unable to attend, please do make sure you cancel your place via eVision.



Session 2 

Finding your market: Is there a market for you and your product or service?

Thursday 8th November – 14:00 – 16:00  

Lecture Theatre A025 

Is there a market for your business? It’s a battlefield out there, so make sure you charge in with a plan!


Guest speaker, Phil Carr is founder of My PT Hub, the world’s number 1 personal training app.  Phil has gone from bedroom to multi-million pound company operating across the globe in 4 years.

He is a true entrepreneur, well known for his rapid innovation and market domination.    Phil will be talking about:

  • The startup phase
  • Product innovation
  • Protecting your ideas and outsmarting the market
  • Dealing with your competitors, investors and staff

To book your place on this workshop click here: Book onto eventbrite Sam Howell Session 2


Session 3

Financing your business!

Tuesday 4th December – 14:00 – 16:00 F005

How do you pull a rabbit out of the hat when you don’t have a rabbit or even a hat?! We’ll be exploring building a business when you have limited capital.

book on via AUB Creative Futures tile in eVision via MyAUB


Session 4

A little bit of legal and protecting yourself

Thursday 7th February – 14:00 – 16:00 in Room F005

One of the biggest risk factors when starting a company is protecting the business and its owners. Getting this right will mitigate risk and ensure you don’t fall at the first hurdle.

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Session 5

Workshop sounding board

Thursday 9th May – 14:00 – 16:00 in Room F005

For those that survive the previous 4 sessions, we’ll be creating a
sounding board to dig deeper. You will be grouped together with
several young entrepreneurs which will give you a chance to
properly discuss issues and concerns you may still have.

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