Graduate Jobs

Full time opportunities that are suitable for recent graduates and final year students looking for work when they leave AUB are listed on this page below. Not all vacancies for graduates are widely advertised on large recruitment sites. This is particularly true in competitive areas such as the creative industries, where many of the recruiters are small and medium enterprises who are not operating on the scale of some of the largest graduate recruiters. The Creative Job Links section is a useful starting point for creative sector specific jobs boards and contact information for professional associations, and the umbrella body or organisation for a sector.

Information for international students

If you want to work in the UK after graduation, it’s important to research your work visa options. We can provide an overview of general visa information and advice on how work visas affect looking for a job in the UK. More information can be found in the Working after your study section within the International section.

Graduate job websites

The following sites are useful for details of general graduate recruitment schemes and graduate jobs:

Paid internships

A good quality internship is short term employment that should support a student or recent graduate to develop their career and includes tasks and responsibilities associated with a graduate level position. Internships can give you a taste of what graduate work is like and can help you make industry contacts. You can approach employers to check if they would consider you for anything from a few weeks or up to 6 months / a year. Search for companies you are interested in using company directories and online business directories, and check for opportunities on their websites or social media channels. Do you have skills which might be of interest to them or fit their work? If so, make contact via phone or email to ask about the possibility of an internship or work experience. The following sites are useful for locating advertised positions, but many small medium enterprises will be used to direct ‘speculative’ applications, and won’t always advertise, so you will need to actively approach them: