Further study

A postgraduate degree is a chance to build on your achievements and study at an advanced level.

Collaborative working offers tremendous potential for innovation and creativity and you will be challenged to redefine your individual approach to your subject.

should i study a postgraduate course?

Is a postgraduate course required for the profession or career you are interested in?

For some careers, postgraduate courses confer professional accreditation. In others, a postgraduate level of training may be needed to gain professional or chartered status, e.g. Architecture.

Postgraduate study can give you specialist knowledge that cannot usually be gained at undergraduate level and it will be a necessary pathway for those interested in academia or research.

Some employers will value postgraduate study and might even list this as a ‘desirable’ criteria within a job specification, so studying to this level can provide a competitive advantage in the jobs market.

Some postgraduate conversion courses will bring you to the same level as a graduate of that subject e.g. law or psychology.

Undertaking postgraduate study is a big commitment and you will need to dedicate a large amount of your time and effort, so it’s well worth considering your options carefully to make sure that the course of study will help you to achieve your aims.

The majority of postgraduate courses accept direct applications, as there is not a centralised system (with the exception of some courses, e.g. teaching). You can apply for as many courses as you wish. The method of application depends on the institution and course–most candidates are asked to complete an application form, and perhaps submit a portfolio and research or personal statement).

Postgraduate options at AUB

You can take a look at the part-time and full-time MA degree courses that we offer at AUB. These include:

You can also use Postgraduate Search to browse over 58,000 postgraduate courses, as well as Find A Masters.

Funding postgraduate study

The Government now offers a loan for postgraduate MA study. The Postgraduate Loan (PGL) will be paid to the student as a contribution towards Tuition Fees, living costs and other course costs.

You can read more about the Postgraduate Loan Scheme here.