Leadership and Teamwork Skills

Do you want to develop your leadership and teamwork skills and understand your values and the effect they have on your career?

Delivered by the Young People Index  and sponsored and mentored by creative agency the Silk Factory this series of workshops will help you identify and nurture your key talents and how you can use them to grow your career.

This series of 4 workshops from December to May is sponsored by The Silk Factory and is strictly limited to 30 places. You will need to commit to all 4 workshops. For more information on the programme or how to apply please contact Diane Beasely dbeasley@aub.a.c.uk and Daniel Cox dcox@aub.ac.uk

Sessions include:

The programme focuses on the triangle of core skills required for your future: academic skills, personal passions and values, and team working strengths. We then examine team working using The Young People
Index model, which gives you a unique insight into your personal strengths and inclinations for working in collaboration with others. The session starts to explore the contribution and impact that each individual can make in a team and how to do this most effectively.

The programme raises your self-awareness and awareness of their peers, showing how you contribute and make an impact within a Game Changing team. You explore in greater depth how to define your
personal values and align these with organisations. During the session, you carry out research on potential future organisations and how you might demonstrate these values at an interview.

You start the session exploring your individual potential impact and contribution to a Game Changing team. You examine the way each individual has a combination of two or three dominant preferences that determine the style of multi-dimensional leadership approaches and how this can work better in some situations than others.

In a rapidly changing environment, you need to know how you can make real impact and therefore throughout the programme, you will develop self-awareness on how to ‘stand out from the crowd’. This will impact  particularly when preparing for interviews and when you start to identify an employer of choice.