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This section provides some general information on making effective applications including putting together an effective Curriculum Vitae (CV); information on what to include in an accompanying letter; and some basic tips on application forms.

Key Points

Many, if not all jobs within the Creative Industries, particularly those with an emphasis on design like a visually attractive CV. Think of design principles, font, branding and providing a simple attractive easy to read layout.

Employers are also attracted to clarity of thinking, as much as possible, try to show this in your written style.

At the newly graduated level employers are not expecting the finished article. However you need to show professionalism, successes (where possible) and understanding about the job/sector you are applying for

Other things to emphasise are:

Ask yourself what is the employer most interested in. If you do not know, you will need to research this.

The following apply for most creative positions.

Relevant Work Experience will substantially boost your credibility

Many employers will say that they are less interested in the retail, bar and part time student jobs than the experience you have relating to the job applied for.

For example for entry level design posts include:

  • Relevant paid work experience in design/ freelance work
  • Unpaid work experience in design
  • Designs you have produced ?commercially’ eg commissions, live projects
  • Exhibitions
  • Web presence
  • Self motivated work.