Course Overview

The MA Illustration course encourages practitioners to question the nature of their practice and its context and position relative to the creative industries.

It recognises an expansive understanding of illustration through the exploration of relationships between illustrator as author, their audience and presentation, and sites and contexts for the work. Ideas are developed through specific individual approaches to research into practice and reflective enquiry.  You may come to the course from a number of diverse backgrounds including illustration, graphic design, printmaking, drawing, photography and painting, or from outside art and design practice, having experience across other subject disciplines but demonstrating an abiding interest and evidence of a passion for illustration in all or any of its forms, good ideas and a willingness to take risks with your work.

This Master’s course is designed to appeal to students who are open to engagement with a diverse range of creative approaches and possibilities from traditional methods including drawing and printmaking, to lens and time based media, with ideas that might be realised through exhibition, publication or exciting new hybrid forms.  As a particular characteristic of the discipline, the integration within practice of a mix of different media is recognised in the inter-disciplinary nature of the MA course.  It is a methodology that can lead smoothly to the realisation of meaningful collaborative outcomes as well as distinct and individual approaches.  The course is structured and supportive and will encourage you to further your own ideas and to realise your aspirations for future employment and freelance practice.

The MA Illustration course encourages students to engage imaginatively with their practice in relation to the evolving academic subject and practice of illustration. Your work will be considered in a global context and the emergence of approaches that challenge the orthodox practices and work within and beyond the traditional subject area.  Graduates from the MA programme will be able to carve their own niche in an evolving market for visual material.

QAA 2011