MAFine Art

Course Overview

The MA Fine Art course enables you to develop your practice as an artist within a supportive, analytical and critical environment.

It engages with the forefront of contemporary art practice and seeks to contribute a dynamic voice within it.

You develop a questioning mind in developing a new outlook to your chosen field. You examine your existing position and art practice at the outset of the course, and through personal reflection and tutorial advice and guidance, a structured plan of practice and research is formulated.

The MA Fine Art course supports you as an emerging artist that is eager to explore and confront your practice in an endeavour to redefine your position in relation to contemporary art. You are engaged in focusing on the context for your practice, with a view to developing an understanding of where it is aligned with other specialisms. At the same time, recognising the importance of process and material. You are expected to be an independent thinker, self-managing and analytical, and reflective of practice that increases and deepens throughout your course. Whether you are aiming to exhibit in contemporary art galleries, work in the public domain, engage in social art enterprise, teach art at school, college or university, or progress to PhD study, this course supports you in your aspirations.

You are encouraged to focus on the relevance and meaning of materials and process; the potentials of site, display and the interpretation of your work by audiences.  It is important to learn about your potential audiences and how particular locations, galleries and other venues are interpreted through artworks. Materials and the processes that artists use to manipulate them all carry significant meaning and it becomes part of the way in which audiences interpret work.

MA Fine Art is designed to enable you to follow your research interests at MA level through conceptual and critical thinking. You will be working alongside students and staff from the other Master of Arts courses. This unique experience enables you to define and inform the direction of your practice and research through the core MA units in which you can draw on expertise from each of the Faculties. Ideas are generated through research, scholarly activity and conceptual enquiry and brought to realisation in an individual body of work that is tested in the public domain.

Critiques of practice and ideas are a regular feature of the MA Fine Art course and you are invited to provide an explication your practice at several pivotal moments during your MA study. On occasion these will take place at ArtSway in the New Forest, where you will have the opportunity to present and discuss work in a professional gallery context. As group of fine art practitioners you are encouraged to set up informal critiques or a blog in support of your practice, and engage in discussion and debate of topics that are of mutual concern.

QAA 2011