Course Overview

The MA Fashion course is designed to enable students from a broad range of Fashion related areas to engage with Masters level study.

The course embraces the distinctive characteristics of the provision including a multi-disciplinary learning environment that supports the student’s individual creative journey.  This journey is informed and defined by the integrated and diverse nature of the modern fashion industry as well as the social, economic and political drivers of global culture.

There are no pre-determined expectations that Fashion students on the MA should define their practice through the construction and manufacturing of garments alone. The course supports broader professional scenarios that explore, challenge, and question the nature of Fashion at an advanced level, by critical exploration innovative solutions and academic scholarship.

The MA Fashion course examines contemporary fashion practice building on the student’s previously acquired knowledge and skillset whilst encouraging them to develop advanced critical and/or conceptual practices.  The development of individual practice is contextualised in order to strategise the relationship of fashion to commerce.  This will be defined through practical and intellectual narratives as well as creative debate.

The MA Fashion course is a platform from which to move on to related professional or entrepreneurial activities.

QAA 2011