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As AUB announces the construction of its new drawing studio, The Jerwood Drawing Prize exhibition comes to TheGallery at AUB for the third time.

The Jerwood Drawing Prize is the largest and longest running annual open exhibition for drawing in the UK, this year launching its 20th exhibition. Alongside the exhibition itself, featuring 51 drawings by 46 practitioners, TheGallery is hosting a large programme of supporting events, including a panel discussion, pop-up exhibition, schools and family workshops.

Take a look below to see more information about the exhibition itself, the programme of supporting events and details of other upcoming exhibition in TheGallery.

Music Architecture Poole (MAP)

Exhibiting second year work from AUB Architecture since 2011 and curated by Channa Vithana, MAP involves third year BA (Hons) Architecture students as annual Co-Curators.


Lester Lee Po Fun: AUB Alumnus 1990


The work on display is taken from a powerful photographic series that demonstrates how Lee re-examined the nude female form.

Pop-Up Exhibition